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Visit Us In-Store for Special Deals and Holiday Pricing!
Visit Us In-Store for Special Deals and Holiday Pricing!

Florence Dining Table

Satisfy your passion for modern furniture made in Italy. Influenced by the region of Tuscany it was named for, the Florence collection was created to please those who crave modern sensibility in design yet hold an

appreciation for generous dashes of Art Deco. 

P-FL4260-2 Florence 42x60+2-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4260-3 Florence 42x60+3-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4260-4 Florence 42x60+4-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4272-2 Florence 42x72+2-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4272-3 Florence 42x72+3-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4272-4 Florence 42x72+4-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4284-2 Florence 42x84+2-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4284-3 Florence 42x84+3-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4284-4 Florence 42x84+4-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4860-2 Florence 48x60+2-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4860-3 Florence 48x60+3-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4860-4 Florence 48x60+4-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4872-2 Florence 48x72+2-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4872-3 Florence 48x72+3-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4872-4 Florence 48x72+4-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4884-2 Florence 48x84+2-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4884-3 Florence 48x84+3-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4884-4 Florence 48x84+4-12 Dining Table -
P-FL4260-S Florence 42x60 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-FL4272-S Florence 42x72 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-FL4284-S Florence 42x84 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-FL4296-S Florence 42x96 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-FL4860-S Florence 48x60 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-FL4872-S Florence 48x72 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-FL4884-S Florence 48x84 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-FL4896-S Florence 48x96 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-FL42108-S Florence 42x108 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-FL42120-S Florence 42x120 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-FL48108-S Florence 48x108 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-FL48120-S Florence 48x120 Solid Top Dining Table -

YOUR FURNITURE. YOUR WAY. Every piece of Handstone furniture is handcrafted – BUILT TO ORDER. We want your new furniture to be perfect. You choose the wood, the stain and every other element that goes into making your furniture unique. We don’t start construction until we receive your order. Select from one of the Premium Kiln dried woods we work with, then select the specific stain color that suits you decor. Choose the hardware and upholstery to personalize the furniture to your own personal heirloom. Available Wood Options: Maple, Oak or Cherry Each wood is available with different colours and finishes!