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Visit Us In-Store for Special Deals and Holiday Pricing!
Visit Us In-Store for Special Deals and Holiday Pricing!

Bermex 1036 Dining Table Set

by Bermex


  • Bermex is the leader among manufacturers of customizable dining room furniture, pub tables and bar stools made of select grade birch.
  • We mainly use selected North American Birch, controlling everything from the raw wood to the finishing of the furniture in our five factories.
  • Purchasing a piece of furniture from Bermex is a wise choice when you are looking to acquire unique, quality Canadian wood furniture. Our attention to detail is a daily preoccupation that we take seriously. Nothing will leave the factory until it is a finished product that we would be proud to bring into our own homes.

Collections: All collections are available in a wide variety of sizes, leg styles, pedestal styles, finishes and colors.

Prestige Table:

  • TBBSS-0912-E03L-00M15-M5
    48" x 84" x 94" x 104"


  • CB-1401-0U000-0M-00


  • CB-1401-0U00A-0M-00

Fixed stool:

  • BE018B-1201-0U00-0-0M24-00


  • BB-116017-00-T-0000-00N-00


  • HB-116077-0M-0-0000-00N-00
    60 ¾" x 18"

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